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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with this dangerous not. melanie? >> police say the suspect did not know his victim, making this case more bizarre. tonight, investigators are not releasing that suspect's name, but because they more witnesses need to be interviewed. he is in custody and brought back to california to face charges. investigators are comparing it to something you'd see in a tv crime drama. july 28th, a man attempted to abduct a 23-year-old woman, grabbing her and dragging her towards a car with after market rims. a 31-year-old man intervened. >> i see her bombing her in the
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eyes with pepper spray and dragging her into the vehicle. >> the suspect police say resembles the man in this sketch pepper sprayed leal, then moved the car so he can escape in his car. he and the woman got away. >> without his help that morning we may have been investigating the case that could have gone cold 20 years. >> police say the suspect is from orange county and they say he was discharged from parole just 10 days prior to alleged on ducks. >> we don't know what the connection was to the east bay or san heand droe. >> the suspect left the bay area on a plane. a business owner recognized the ditched vehicle on the news. >> there is a good chance this case would be open today. >> investigators say search warrants at the home yielded evidence lengthing him to the crime. u.s. marshals arrested him and for now, they're not saying where. >> we've got him. so that is good. >> the suspect is charged with
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felony kidnapping, car jacking and assault with a deadly weapon. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. two men are recovering after they were shot in bay point this afternoon. firefighters found a victim and police believe they're looking for two gunman but they're not talking about motive yet. >> police busted a credit card fraud operation today, the result of a two-month investigation. they arrested 25 suspects and confiscated drugs, guns, stolen credit cards and mail as well as a manufacturing machine. investigators say the criminals were running their fraud operation out of marina bay inn and suites. emotions are running high in oakland after a boy died after being hit by a bus at 35th and penamin avenue.
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what are you hearing from police? >> reporter: the street is back open. police are able to get that open within the past half hour, we have a name of the little boy killed here, you we're going to give the family time to notify other relatives. let's show you what it looked like here a short time ago from the ground at penamen and 35th avenue. this happend just before 2:00. it's our understanding that a group of kids were playing open the sidewalk as they often do, and this little boy ran on to 35th avenue to chase a ball when this happened. >> i am heart broken and speaking to his teacher. the kids play all the time. it is a busy street. >> at this point, we'll conduct
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drug and alcohol screening. that is standard in an event like this. we'll offer that operator as much therapeutic care as possible. >> it's a tragic incident. and we take it to heart. and oakland is our community and we want to consider oakland our family. when we do have a loss, we breathe as well. >> and this is a live look at the apartment complex where this family lives, we understand there are a number of children in this family with other families here at the apartments that off the owe -- often play and sometimes, according to owe neighbors on the sidewalk as for the bus driver we've learned from ac transit that he started working with the district in 2011 as is standard procedure m a case like this. he will be tested for drugs and alcohol. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you. a truck accident made for a
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rough commute in the north bay. divers faced delays because of this mess. a big rig trailer overturned and dumped gravel on to porter creek. highway patrol officers did let groups of cars squeeze past the scene until the road was finally cleared. it's a prominent part of san francisco's skyline, and it's sinking. today, developers of the condo high rise spoke with reporters' they face new questions. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> reporter: millennial partners held their news conference on the same day the district attorney subpoenaed them. they held their news conference
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to the developers revealed it will drop by a staggering amount. the partner founder chris je jeffrey says that caused it to sink 16 inches, more than they expected. >> if you dig a 60 foot hole, and dewater for six years and drop table by 20 feet, you're going to cause a problem. >> what is more, it should have been no surprise to transbay engineers. >> tjpa knew well before they began work on the transit center site that their construction and in particular, their dewatering of the site could have a
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significant impact. >> developers say the study for the transit site required tjpa to install devices. the buildings engineers began inquiring about the unexpected settlement last year. the engineers say transbay turned off devices. supervisor peskin says there is perhaps a more important question here. >> we know that the millennium partners knew as early as 2009 that that building was sinking and yet we failed to disclose that to the public. officials say they're working on a response but have said that the settlement problem was caused because tower foundation is on piles into dense sand, not bed rock. developers saying most of the
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buildings in this area, their foundations are the same as the tower. >> we have the legal documents against millennium partners. you can access on the abc7 news app. a summer camp counselor is being brought back perfect phoenix to san francisco on child molestation charges saying he inappropriately touched children. officials are asking parents to take a look at the picture. >> if you do recognize him and have children who came into contact with him, we ask you contact the police department. >> he is accused of sending sexually explicit images to children and having child pornography on his devices.
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>> a san francisco man was taken into custody after a concert september 1st accused of providing a woman from physically leaving the show and has been charged with false impris ynment and violating a restraining order. >> the cost to fight the sobranes fire surpassed $200 million. it is the costliest fire ever in u.s. history, now, $208 million. the previous most expensive fire was in oregon and california back in 2002. the sobranes fire burned 189 square miles, now 71% contained this, is still burning. more than 2000 firefighters are working to control it. >> you might think wealthy mainh county would not have a homeless problem, but it does. now, the city wants you to feed the meter to help feed, and provide other services for pan
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handlers. there are other cities including atlanta, denver and tucson that have programs. now, san rafael is launching a version called put your change to work. could your change change lives? the money will go to the downtown streets team. >> it's a win win for taxpayers and the homeless themselves and people that want to see their money go towards something good. >> marion scott is on the downtown streets team and calls the meters a more dignified alternative for homeless and thoe thoegs -- those who want to give. >> there is no one sitting in front of you. >> local merchants will be able to pay to put logos on the meters.
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that money, also helped. this business owner calls it a proactive approach. >> everybody parks their car on city streets. so it's a viable option to provide people with a chance to give. >> san francisco dropped this idea years ago because critics called it a gimmick. people here want to give it a chance. >> it's a good idea. >> this man tells us the spare change will help a program that once helped him turn his life around. >> got me back on my feet. i'm a productive worker now. >> expect to see purple meters on 4th street before the end of the month. lshgs a lot more to benning you. the cost of being in the bay area. a lab says you have to
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relocate where earthquakes are heading. >> drones are so last year. meet your delivery robots. why creators say this is a good idea. i'm sandhya patel. increasing winds bring decreasing temperatures and higher fire danger. i'll show you where, coming up. also, the iphone 7 is creating a fuss but not the good kind. the issue becoming a complaint among phone owners.
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scientists who study and monitor ernl quakes are moving after 62 years in the south bay. the u.s. geological survey plans to leave it's current location and will head south to moffett
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field in mountain view. leslie brinkley explains why. >> reporter: it's all about money. rents on the peninsula skyrocketed and u.s. geological survey is trying to bring costs back down to earth. their yearly rent of $7 million to $9 million is expected to double. so they're now planning to move south to >> we can co-locate, and the money that we would have paid for rent goes to science. >> reporter: moving employees out of the sprawling campus will be a large task. laboratories will take years to relocate. cost savings will be invested in next generation instrumentation
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to continue to monitor sea level changes. projects and people will not be cut. and collaborating with scientists means covering everything from satellites to the center of the earth. >> the goal is to do science from orbit to the core. we've turned what is a difficult move for many of us into an opportunity to do something new and exciting. >> i guess i'm optimistic it will be okay. i guess it's just sad for the community to lose, you know, the institutions. >> the campus has been home to usgs since 1954. new numbers out today showing home sales in the bay area are up and prices down a bit. data shows sales up 8.3% in august from previous months with 8113 home and condo sales. near to year sales increased by 3%. the median price paid for the
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homes sold in august, 2016 was $675,000, falling for the second month. prices hit a high of $710,000 in june. saying it's possible the sale place proois hit a peak for the year in june. long before self driving cars bhafrngit the bay area there is a robot that could become common on our streets. jonathan bloom spent the afternoon chasing through san francisco. >> julie o'keeffe lived in this house a long time. >> 67 years. >> never has she seen this. crawling up the sidewalk to pay her a visit. >> i got a delivery from a little running cooler, looks like. >> but julie just may have had history. >> you have received the first
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ever autonomus deliver u.s. it's the world first. >> already operating in europe, starship technologies plans to launch here. at $1 to $three it would help folks stay in their homes. >> i tore by achilles tendon. >> beyond helping, the delivery could be a big help to the next generation. >> you can't kill a pizza. >> carrying cargo, not people, it's a safe way to test technologies and if they get stuck, they can call humans for help. >> that would be one human operator after 100 robots. >> robots will deliver when called from your smart phone.
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they're friendly. don't try picking them up. >> we're thinking about having a nice you tube channel. so you don't want to be on that channel. nine cameras. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> it was up to 18 degrees cooler at the oakland airport. we do have fog here and some high clouds as well. we'll see more changes into tomorrow. southern california, live doppler 7, tracking rain now that is going to continue. moisture from a fermer hurricane, payne, continues to move into that area. on thursday, we're talking about snow possible at 7500 feet. so it's getting interesting here beautiful shot of the sun there
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when it sets tonight. make sure you send us your pictures, #abc7now. it is in the 70s from mountan view. half moon bay, 57 degrees. while you're seeing a mix of sun and high clouds will get interesting as we head into thursday. they do have the wind advisory for tomorrow, 75 in santa rosa. fairfield, 80 degrees so those 90s we have had yesterday turned into 80s of today. from our santa cruz camera, seing high clouds, coming in right now. so winds increase the next few days. cooler than normal into afternoons and autumn heat returning. first thing in the corning, it will be great sleeping weather, upper 40s to upper 50s and high clouds will continue to move in. here is what is going to happen. the fog will be blown away tomorrow afternoon. winds are going to start to
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and this will increase our fire danger from monterey south sobranes fire is included and won't be surprised if one is issued for the bay area. nice, mild for the last day of summer. 70s inland and windy. temperatures in the saturday is heating uch. 60s coast side.
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90s inland. here is the trend for san francisco. average high, 70. next few days well below normal. and accu-weather forecast, closing out summer, low 60s to upper 70s tomorrow, and still 80s and hot weather for the first weekend, mid to upper 90s inland. >> we know the beach will be popular. >> coming up next, a tribal trek brings salmon back to california. >> the story when
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nsa hacking tools are being used on cisco companies. saying vulnerability affects a variety of products and hackers believed to be backed by russia. the hacking tools were released last month and google is prepping for a big reveal in san fan. the company will be holding an event vent october 4th. this online teaser, it's believed the company will unveil new devices built by htc.
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people are reporting a hissing sound coming from the iphone 7. apple is receiving complaints they're emitting a humming sound when iphones are used. apple has not yet responded to requests for comment. a native american triep is on their way to shasta county, stopping today for prayer at the state capitol. the group wants governor brown to call off the tunnel project, which would pump, and divert water from the sacramento river. the tribe says that would hurt salmon on the delta. >> we promise to speak to them, to protect them and to advocate and uphold for them. >> the tribe wants to bypass around the shasta dam so salmon can my great freely.
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>> expressions of shock and anger on capitol >> you're going to hear what the bank ceo had to say. and a real dmv headache for a woman in the north bay. what happens when they say you never paid a ticket you didn't get? more still t
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. fiery moments in washington. a stern reprimand for wells fargo ceo. the senate banking committee is investigating the unauthorized bank account scandal. >> wells fargo ceo john stump
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received heavy criticism if senators and he his beth warren demand he step down. >> you haven't resigned or fired a senior executive. your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low level employees who don't have the money for the fancy pr firm. >> stump tried to to explain how wells fargo opened millions of accounts without permission from 2011 and on. 5300 employees have been responding. >> failing to notify customers open and this is fraud. >> at stake is the bank's longstanding capable.
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>> this professor of management and ethics says wells fargo has a lot of work ahead. >> they announced it will include an internal review and wells fargo says it's working on changing sales culture, rebuilding trust may take longer. in san francisco, abc7 news. tomorrow, the head of a company criticized for raising the price of epi pens will testify before congress. the treatment cost $100 in 2009, now costing $600. congress has begun a probe. the ceo blamed a broken health care system in the past tomorrow, expected to blame acceleration of financial issue
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that's forced the increase. and claims her company is not getting rich. with the man believed to have planted bombs in new york and new jersey investigation into his motives falls into investigation. authorities say he was likely working alone but want to talk to two men who removed a pressure cooker left inside of a bag and left it on a new york street. rahami was taken into custody after a bar owner spotted him and alerted authorities. >> the guy put his hand hand on the gun and shot through the glass panel. >> his father told reporters outside of his chicken restaurant he call law
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enforcement to express concerns about his son. >> why did you call law enforcement? >> my son hit my wife. i put him in jail a few years ago. >> rahami is in critical, but stable condition in a hospital. two shooting suspects have been released if the hospital. officer padilla went home last night. and is in good shape. we're learning about last year's murder of a canadian backpacker and a hiker in marin. a sheriff investigator took the stand in a case against drifters lylely aligood. she says they killed him after they thanked him for being her
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friend. she blamed another drifter to protect lampley. >> she stated she was protecting lampley and she loved him, the only family she had left. she'd do anything for him. a third suspect pleaded guilty to second degree murder and will testify against lampley and the preliminary hearing will continue tomorrow. the buzz is about former republican president george hw bush telling friends he doesn't plan to vote for trump and will cast a ballot for hillary clinton in november. the donald trump camp says that is his right. trump spent the day blaming hillary clinton for the rise of isis, speaking to a crowd in north carolin, denying his toughness may serve as a recruitment tool for militants. hillary clinton is celebrating to spend up to $4 million to
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help elect a democrat to the white house. mike fernandez says trump made an enemy of hispanics. she prepares her economic plans. the first debate is less than a week away. there are three debates scheduled, first, monday, september 26th. you can watch here beginning at 6:00 monday night. a broken pipeline is causing prices to skyrocket in the southeast. abc7 news explains pressure at the pump and folks here on the west coast should be concerned. a feel shortage and for drivers this is becoming too familiar. signs telling drivers gas is sold out. >> trying to get gas. we don't have any. >> we don't have no gas. it's crazy. >> some stations are raising
6:37 pm
prices. in north carolina, the attorney says he's heard 600 reports of possible price gouging. >> money is going to gas. >> i feel like we're being charged unfairly. >> it began with a leak along the colonial pipeline. nearly 300,000 gallons spilled into this pond and now, six states are officially in a state of emergency. west coast drivers beware. >> we have to make sure going from place to place that we have gas. hopefully, they can get the problem resolved. >> triple a says folks in the east should expect rising prices until the pipeline is fixed. there have been no significant increases on the west coast. in the studio, abc7 news.
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imagine getting into trouble for not paying a ticket you never received. >> for one woman, she couldn't renew her license. what went wrong and how 7 on your side made it right. also... >> there has to be a better way than involving a child. >> cafeteria worker takes a stand against a huvenlg
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a woman in marin city was told she couldn't renew her license because of an unpaid ticket she knew nothing about. >> it wasn't even from this state. we don't know if there was a ticket. the woman's name ended up on a national data base of suspended drivers. getting off the list was not easy. susanna doesn't remember getting a traffic citation. all she knows is that it caused the dmv not to renew her license. >> i don't know if i had a ticket. you can't find tickets or
6:42 pm
anything under my name. >> she lived in georgia in 1998. she is said to have gotten the ticket. georgia added her to a national data base of suspended drivers for that 18 year old ticket. georgia admits 18 years is a long time, but tells 7 on your side, it must act on information when it gets it. >> i called georgia, they said did you go to nevada? i said it's hard to go. there is no ticket. >> nevada sent her this letter stating it had no record of you, here in the nevada department of motor vehicles nor the ticket received. but georgia refused to remove her suspension, within hours, the dmv phoned her to say she'd be getting a license. >> i said thanks lord, it's unbelievable. >> the victory was short lived.
6:43 pm
she'd find out her license would not allow her to drive outside of california. we reached out to the state of georgia. it told us it would be the customer's responsibility to get a clearance from the state that submitted the information to georgia. we went back to california dmv for help. it determined that suzanna should not have been on the suspended list and issued her a driver's license without any conditions. >> 7 on your side, i give them credit. thanking them so much. >> she added her thanks. if you're curious about the register we have a link you can check out. just go to and click on 7 on your side. i will be in fremon friday night at the fremont street east from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet
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you. you can also ask questions on social media any time. just #askfinney. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a former school cafeteria worker quit her job because of so called lunch shaming. she said a policy key anied hot huchls to students who parents have overdrawn accounts. the kids are given cold cheese sandwiches. >> the woman was trying to get my attention. i didn't see it, we're serving many kids to tell me before i gave him the chicken he owed money to give him cheese but he had a tray. his eyes welled up with tears. i'll never forget his name, the look on his face. >> she said policy made her take it from the boy and throw it away. the district said parents were notified before the school year. the superintendent said 300 families owed lunch money before
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the policy. the number is now at 66. >> coming up next, creating a place called home. >> a look at the efforts that will h
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a disabled south bay woman's home is being transformed thanks to volunteers. a team from wells fargo set up for the home's latest project. habitat for humanity fixed the haeky roof and added a tub. they did great work. >> it's going to transform her life. >> it's a gorgeous day. it is nice. it's only going to get cooler. check out temperatures today compared to tomorrow. a 14 degree drop in redwood city. you're going to notice the fog passing through. highs for wednesday 70s inland. 60s coastside. it's going to be windy at the coast. idon't think many people are
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complaining. accu-weather forecast, low 60s to upper 70s, thursday, lower inland for the first day of fall and we'll warm up for you just in time for weekend plans but it's going to be hot inland. >> wow. >> for that first weekend of fall. >> larry beil is here with sports now. >> don't look at me. >> what are you going to do about it. >> don't look at me. >> look. >> you can look at me. >> that is from mad bum. why did bruce bocci take a star pitcher out? the dodgers -- don't l
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you have no idea why giants pulled madison bumgarter after seven innings. a stair down, he says don't look
6:53 pm
at me. don't look at me. so was mad bum hurt? or too riled up to pitch? so we don't know and may never know. dodgers are laughing about this. they made up a tee shirt saying don't look at me, tweet your friend. we're not looking at you. >> we talked today. you know? about that and other things but it's something that we like to stay away from. but we did what i think needed
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to be dub done. we talked about it. >> we talked about and 49ers quarterback colon kaepernick says he received death threats. the team security aware of the situation. kaep's protest led to other athletes started a span. >> if you want to stand for something, as much as i love this country, our military, and i think we need to support our police officers. i think that is a great thing about our country and
6:55 pm
constitution. it's meant to grow with our country. >> 9ers visiting seattle without ray ray armstrong who tore a muscle sunday. he's on injured reserve now. armstrong, former raider emerged one of the key defensive players and warriors open training camp a week from today and just announced a slew of promotions within the organization and meyers has been fantastic in luring kevin durant here. sunday, patriots lost their back up quarterback to a shoulder
6:56 pm
injury. >> i'm a football coach not a doctor. i coached the team. they don't call plays. >> i don't do surgery. >> he doesn't do charm, either. >> no. >> it's a great coach. a best in the league. >> true. join us tonight. coming up a project that promises to deliver new internet without new cables. and kol quinn kaepernick receiving death threats. that is it for tonight. thanks for joining us. from all of us, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a patent attorney from tuckahoe, new york... a tequila tour manager from houston, texas... and our returning champion, a phd candidate from chicago, illinois... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. big day for seth. yesterday, if you were watching, you saw him get off to a great start.
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